Last Daze Letter to the Body of Christ!

The purpose for writing this letter: Sobriety, Sanctification, Holiness, Salvation
This is not meant to be another book, novel or other new thing. What is meant to be communicated here is veracity (truthfulness). Today we need Sobriety, Sanctification & Holiness like never before. In our modern day culture, we have mixed almost everything we can with our Christian faith and we wonder why we are perplexed with our present dilemma.

My hope is that you will partake of this with an open heart, mind and a teachable spirit. My prayer is that the Lord will establish in you more complete, balanced essential truth to become a victorious overcomer!

Take Note: For your edification and ease of use, the Word of God is made available here to be read, not just to be referenced. Please read the scriptures quoted herein, for this is the foundation of what is purposed to be conveyed.

Blessings to you,

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,

Joseph G.Wellhoff
Joseph G.Wellhoff
Scripture quotations taken from the NASB except where otherwise noted.

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